6 childhood games to expect if you’re invited to Malaysia’s ver. of ‘Squid Game’

Welcome to the Sotong Game.

The smash Korean drama series ‘Squid Game’ has been taking the world by storm since its release on September 17, and many Malaysians can’t seem to stop talking about it 24/7. 

Squid Game EP 1 scene. Credit: Netflix

Thanks to the series’ suspenseful plot where the characters were forced to play (mostly fatal) games, ‘Squid Game’ has evoked nostalgic memories of us playing classic childhood games with our friends and how we would throw a tantrum whenever we lost because we were kiasu like that.

Hence, we asked a few Malaysians what games should be included if Malaysia were to have its own version of ‘Sotong Game’!

Ok, now imagine yourself for a moment sitting at McDonald’s and chomping away at a McChicken when a complete stranger offers you a chance to “change your life”.

Photo: WeirdKaya

1. Chup tiang, the ultimate game

Let’s admit it, chup tiang pretty much owns the rest as it was the best way to spend recess or hang out with friends after school.

Photo: TheStar

The rule is pretty simple – just run like a mad person and claim the nearest tiang before getting eliminated. But be sure not to run into one along the way! 😏

2. Eraser battle

If there’s one thing we used to hoard as kids, it was definitely erasers. 

Photo: YouTube

All eyes would also be on the challengers as they picked their favourite eraser and battle it out to see who would come out on top by stacking their eraser on their opponent’s. 

Photo: YouTube

3. “Break finger”

Now it’s time to put your real power to the test with the ‘break finger’ game! 

As the name suggests, the goal is to ‘break’ your opponent’s finger without breaking your own. But, be quick! If neither side is able to do so, both will be eliminated. 

P.S. No bones were broken in promoting this game. 

4. Congkak

10 childhood games to expect if you’re invited to malaysia’s ver. Of ‘squid game’
Guli Congkak

Every ‘Squid Game’ fan would vividly remember how ‘guli’ (aka marbles) played a heart-wrenching part in the series. 

In Malaysia, we play with guli too, but in an entirely different way.

Popularly known as congkak, both players must ensure that they collect the most number of marbles while protecting their ‘rumah’ from getting destroyed in the process. 

It also tests your calculation skills in order to get you into the next round of the Sotong Game.

Congkak Game. Photo:Trip Carte

5. A-E-I-O-U


Red light, Green light doll. Credit: Netflix

All Squid Game fans would agree that this doll singing ‘Red Light, Green Light’ is one of the most memorable characters in the series.

In Malaysia, we have a similar game known as A-E-I-O-U, where the leader will stand with his/her back turned towards the other players. He/She will then shout A-E-I-O-U while the rest make their way forward.

AEIOU Game. Credit: Youtube

Players have to freeze when the leader finishes shouting and turns around. Just like in the series, those caught moving a muscle will be eliminated. The game will then continue for a few more rounds until one of the players touches the leader.

This player will then be declared the winner if the leader fails to catch him/her before he/she crosses the starting line.

6. Pick Up Stick

Imagine you are in the final game now: this game is the ultimate acid test of your mental fortitude and motor skills as you need to attempt to collect as many sticks without moving the rest. 

Just pray you don’t get impaled by a giant pole if you fail your task. *gulp* 

Pick Up Stick

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10 childhood games to expect if you’re invited to malaysia’s ver. Of ‘squid game’
Limited Edition Big Mac Lunch Box. Photo: WeirdKaya

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10 childhood games to expect if you’re invited to malaysia’s ver. Of ‘squid game’
MCD Activity sheet. Photo: WeirdKaya

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