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57yo Man Buries 7 Babies He Had From Incestuous Relationship With Daughter, Police Investigating

10 years of a despicable relationship.

In a shocking turn of events, a small village in Central Java, Indonesia, is reeling from the discovery of seven human baby skeletons buried at the site of a former pond.

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This bone-chilling incident has exposed the unimaginable truth behind a case of incest between a man identified as R, aged 57, and his own biological daughter.

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According to Kosmo, The harrowing saga began when two cleaning workers stumbled upon objects suspected to be human bones while levelling the ground at the location on June 15.

7 babies buried at tanjung village, indonesia, resulted from incestuous relationship.
Photo via Liputan 6

The initial discovery led to the identification of R, a resident of Tanjung Village, as the primary suspect.

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Banyumas Police Chief, Agus Supriadi Siswanto, confirmed that R is now in custody, facing charges related to the heinous acts that occurred.

According to investigators, R stands accused of killing and burying the incestuous babies with his biological daughter, identified as E, aged 25.

1 decade of incestuous relationship

The despicable acts began in 2012, when the first baby was born, and continued unabated until the seventh baby’s birth in 2021.

Banyumas Police Chief Agus revealed that based on the suspect’s confession, three more baby bodies are believed to be buried in the vicinity, in addition to the four skeletons recovered between June 15 and 21.

Authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their search efforts, meticulously excavating the former pool area in hopes of finding the remaining evidence that will bring closure to this horrifying chapter.

In a chilling twist, it has been revealed that R’s third wife, identified as S, was allegedly complicit in the incestuous births.

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Reportedly, S assisted E in giving birth, likely under the duress of death threats from R if she ever revealed the truth.

As the investigation progresses, the focus remains on delivering justice for the innocent lives lost and ensuring the safety of the community going forward.


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