55yo M’sian Woman Solo Rides To Thailand Despite Undergoing Chemo 23 Times

‘Solo riding makes me forget I have cancer.’
From battling stage three breast cancer to solo rides across the landscapes of Thailand on her Yamaha Y15ZR, Sally Mohamed’s story is nothing short of inspirational.

According to Harian Metro, since 2021, despite undergoing 23 chemotherapy sessions, this tenacious 55-year-old has visited 12 different Thai locales alone, proving that her spirit remains unbroken by her health challenges.

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“I forgot my illness.”

Beautiful view during solo ride
Photo via Harian Metro

Her latest solo expedition took place during the fasting month of Ramadan, where she journeyed through Satun, Yala, and Pattani over three days.

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While some might consider her travels risky, Sally finds the solitude of motorcycle riding exhilarating and therapeutic.

“Riding alone helps me manage the stress that could complicate my recovery from cancer, helping me avoid depression and anxiety,” she explains.

“I get so lost in the beauty of each destination that I momentarily forget my illness.”

Embrace uncertainty

As a mother of four, Sally recounts how her cancer diagnosis plunged her into depression, often leaving her in tears and overwhelmed by the hurdles that lay ahead.

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However, she gradually found solace in accepting and overcoming these trials.

Capturing memories, like the one outside a tunnel in Wutong, she has defiantly continued her travels across Thailand.

Taking photo at tunnel entrance
Photo via Harian Metro

“Never had an accident while travelling.”

Residing in Penang, Sally insists on pursuing her passion for travel, driven by the belief that life’s uncertainties can occur anywhere.

“Thankfully, in nearly three years of travelling alone, I’ve never had an accident,” she gratefully shares.

Motor ride
Photo via Harian Metro

Welcomed by communities at every stop, she remains undeterred by the challenges of weather or the occasional wet clothes.

Her adventures began in Penang, crossing into Thailand through various borders like Wang Kelian in Perlis, Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah, and Bukit Berapit in Perak.

Sally often relies on Facebook groups like ‘Solo Riding (Malaysia)’ for travel tips and uses Google Maps to navigate her chosen routes.

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Acknowledging her age, she takes breaks every two hours to ensure her safety.

Taking a break

Despite a recent pause due to a fall in Penang, which ironically occurred not during her travels but locally, Sally’s spirits remain high.

“I travelled all the way to Thailand without a hitch, but it’s here at home where I had my accident.” She cheerfully jokes about the irony.

Her passion for solo journeys has not waned, and she plans to resume her travels, aspiring to explore every region of Thailand.

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Moreover, Sally’s battle with breast cancer began in 2016 when she noticed a lump in one of her breasts. After a mastectomy in 2017 and two years of chemotherapy, she became acutely aware of her family’s history with the disease.

“My sister and brother both battled cancer, which made me realize the importance of regular check-ups. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with the same fate,” she reflects.

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