53yo Penang E-Hailing Driver Jumps Off 14th Floor Of Apartment Due To Huge Debts

In life, there are times where challenges or situations that may cause one’s spirit to break and lose hope. Tragically for some, they may resort to suicide as a way to put themselves out of their misery.

An e-hailing driver in Penang recently took his own life by jumping off his apartment after he was unable to handle debts that were drowning him out.

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Jumped off 14th floor of apartment

China Press reported that the 53-year-old e-hailing driver plunged to his death on Tuesday (Apr 18) by jumping off the 14th floor of his apartment at around 10pm.

It also reported that he was believed to have climbed over the railing of his corridor at the apartment located in Greenlane before hurling himself off, where he died on the spot.

A security guard later found the victim’s body and lodged a police report after he heard a loud noise and went to check on it.

Suicide was due to mounting debts

Police who arrived at the scene found a suicide note left behind by the victim, where they believe he killed himself over huge debts that he was unable to resolve.

The victim’s body was later sent to the Penang General Hospital for an autopsy and police investigations are currently underway.

If you or anyone is experiencing mental distress and need a listening ear, please contact the following helplines:

Suicide help
Just days ago, a law student tried to burn himself alive after failing his exams three times:

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