5-year-old Thashan is now the youngest Malaysian to solve the Rubik’s Cube!

We bet you have an unsolved Rubik's cube at home for years.

A five-year-old Malaysian is currently the youngest person to solve the Rubik’s cube in just two minutes!

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Thashan, who hails from Klang, secured a place in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) after completing a 2×2 cube within 50 seconds and a standard 3×3 cube within 2 minutes.

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5-year-old thashan is now the youngest malaysian to solve the rubik's cube!
(Photo provided by Dubashan for WeirdKaya)

He flexed his impressive skills at an event held last March, which was witnessed by his parents and MBR officials.

Thashan’s mother, Hashaa Devi, trained him during the eight days leading up to the event.

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(Video provided by Dubashan for WeirdKaya)

His achievement has undoubtedly brought much pride to his parents.

“While we feel proud as a parent, we also believe that he will make big changes in future problem solving,” said his father, Dubashan.

He also said that Thashan is a fast learner and highly skilled in other areas such as chess, football, music, and dance.

“His age doesn’t quite reflect his speech as he speaks and responds like a 10-year-old despite having speech delay until he was three years old,” Dubashan added.

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As for Thashan, his dream is to go into space by becoming a rocket scientist and an astronaut.

“He’s an ambitious boy who loves to try out new things and aims to break more Rubik’s Cube records. After all, there are 4×4, 5×5, and other types of cubes waiting for him to explore,” said Dubashan.

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Sources: Dubashan (Cover Images provided for WeirdKaya)

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