5 Police Cars Block All Lanes On Karak Highway To Catch Illegally Modified Car

The police inspected 80 vehicles and issued 28 traffic violation tickets.
This morning, police launched a major operation on Karak Highway to crack down on illegal vehicles, causing a significant traffic jam.

A video circulating on Facebook showed police blocking the highway with several police cars, creating a long queue.

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Like a movie scene

Road block on karak
Image via FB/Suanne Ting

The video featured a woman explaining that the police were targeting illegal modified car convoys, with a man comparing it to a scene from “Infernal Affairs.”

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In the video, many cars can be seen stopped in front of the BHP petrol station, with many of them having their hoods open.

The video also showed police inspecting the modified vehicles, including their engines and license plates, and conducting urine tests on some drivers.

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Car parked infront of bhp with their hood open
Image via FB/Suanne Ting

Inspected 80 vehicles

According to China Press, police conducted a special traffic operation (Ops Khas Trafik Samseng Jalan) at 7 a.m. near the BHP petrol station close to the Gombak toll plaza.

They inspected 80 vehicles and issued 28 traffic violation tickets for expired driving licenses, modified exhaust pipes, and fancy license plates.

Assistant Superintendent Mohamad Rizal Suarani from Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department stated that the operation aimed to ensure road users comply with the law and that vehicles are roadworthy.

The Road Transport Department and National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) also participated, conducting 12 urine tests, all of which were negative, and issuing 18 additional fines.

The police operation was in response to complaints about illegal modified car convoys frequently heading to Genting.

Watch the full video:

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