5 Features That Make Taiwan The Third Most Muslim Friendly Tourist Spot Among Non-Islamic Country!

Planning a trip? Consider Taiwan!
Recently I’ve traveled to Taiwan with a group of fellow Muslims, and we were pleasantly surprised by how accommodating and welcoming the country is becoming for Muslim travelers!

I later found out that Taiwan has ranked third in the latest Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2023 report among non-OIC destinations.

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Here are five reasons why I think Taiwan deserves the spot and how friendly they are towards our fellow Malaysian Muslims:

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Groupie in taiwan with the team.
Taiwan trip with the team.

1. Halal Certified Restaurants

Halal certificate.
Halal certificate.

For Muslim travelers, halal food availability is undoubtedly a top concern, and Taiwan, renowned for its culinary delights, did not disappoint.

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In fact, one of the highlights of our trip was certainly the incredible variety of halal-certified food options available, including a few pork-free fast food chain.

5 features that make taiwan the third most muslim friendly tourist spot among non-islamic country! | weirdkaya
Delivery fast food meal.

One of Taiwan’s proudest and most famous foods is their beef noodle, making it a cuisine that is very suitable to accommodate Muslim travelers. There are plenty of halal-certified versions that were absolutely delicious.

Beef noodle restaurant
Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant.
Beef noodle
Halal Beef Noodle.

In addition to the beef noodles, Taiwan also excels in vegan cuisine, with many establishments being halal-friendly, offering a fantastic alternative for those seeking halal options.

Taiwan’s vegan restaurant is really common and offer a huge variety of meal!

Vegan halal meal
Vegan halal meal.

2. Muslim-Friendly Toilets

5 features that make taiwan the third most muslim friendly tourist spot among non-islamic country! | weirdkaya
Muslim friendly toilet.

Finding suitable restrooms can be a challenge, especially when traveling to countries with different cultural practices.

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Almost a decade ago, when I visited Taiwan, I found it quite inconvenient as a Malaysian due to the lack of bidets in toilet and the practice of not flushing tissue paper.

However, Taiwan has made significant strides in this area when I visit again this year. While bidets were not traditionally common, many restrooms now feature them to cater to Muslim visitors.

5 features that make taiwan the third most muslim friendly tourist spot among non-islamic country! | weirdkaya
A lot of toilet come with bidet now.

Recently, Japanese-style washlets have also become more prevalent, providing added convenience and comfort.

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Japanese washlet
Japanese Washlet with inbuilt bidet.

3. Muslim-Friendly Convenience Stores

To better welcome Muslim tourists, some convenience stores in Taiwan have started to include halal sections. These stores make it easy for Muslims to find safe and suitable products.

Halal session.
Halal session in FamilyMart.
5 features that make taiwan the third most muslim friendly tourist spot among non-islamic country! | weirdkaya
Muslim-Friendly Session.

Night markets, a must-visit in Taiwan, are also beginning to feature halal stalls. Although there is still room for improvement, especially at the night markets, it’s clear that the effort is there, and it’s exciting to see the progress being made.

Halal stall at night market
Halal stall at the FengChia Night Market.

4. Surau/Prayer Rooms

During our stay in Taiwan, we noticed that many hotels now provide Qibla directions, prayer mats, and even copies of the Quran in their rooms.

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Quran and praying mat
Praying blanket, Quran and Praying Timetable.

We visited Taipei Grand Mosque and were pleasantly surprised by the size of the Muslim community over there!

Taipei grand mosque
Taipei Grand Mosque.
Praying in the mosque
Inside of the Taipei Grand Mosque.

Additionally, we found surau and prayer rooms at various locations, including the airport, making it convenient to maintain the Muslims’ prayer routines while traveling.

Praying room
Praying room at the airport.

5. Muslim-Friendly Tourist Spots

Don’t forget that Taiwan’s natural beauty is a major draw for tourists, and these outdoor attractions are welcoming to people of all religions.

Visiting castle at taiwan.
Visiting castle in Taiwan.
Plucking grape in taiwan
Plucking grape in Taiwan.

The locals are warm, friendly, and incredibly helpful, making our experience even more enjoyable.

Taiwan’s efforts to be inclusive and accommodating are evident in the positive interactions we had with the local community.

A Bright Future for Muslim-Friendly Travel in Taiwan

Taiwan is actively making efforts to become more Muslim-friendly, and the progress is evident.

As more Muslim tourists visit, the motivation to improve these facilities will only grow. I encourage fellow Muslims to give Taiwan a chance and experience its hospitality firsthand.

With continued support, we can hope to see even more countries becoming accommodating and welcoming to Muslim travelers.

So pack your bags, gather your friends, and embark on a memorable journey to Taiwan. You won’t be disappointed!

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