5 Effective Ways To Achieve Fresh, Clean And Oil-Balanced Skin

Say goodbye to oily face with these easy tips.
One of the most important things that matter the most to us now is to have long-lasting oil control, clear and fresh skin. And yes, it’s indeed a struggle to achieve this.

Sometimes, our skin decides to throw a curveball at us by producing too much oil, which can lead to annoying breakouts and acne, messing with our self-esteem.

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Dealing with oily skin can feel like a never-ending battle, leaving us feeling frustrated and self-conscious. But don’t worry – you’re not alone. With the right tips, you can easily achieve healthy and fresh skin. 

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We have compiled the ultimate skincare guide, packed with five bombshell tips to help you achieve clear, long-lasting oil control skin that’s healthy and fresh.

1. Stress Management

5 effective ways to achieve fresh, clean and oil-balanced skin | weirdkaya

We’ve all heard about the harmful effects of stress on our bodies, but did you know it can mess up your skin too? High stress levels can lead to increased oil production, which in turn can result in breakouts.

You can easily tackle this problem with some stress-busting stuff in your daily routine. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, or just taking a breather for a sec, finding what chills you out can help keep your skin cool and totally balanced.

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2. Stay Hydrated

It may sound like a typical tip, but drinking water and staying hydrated is one of the most important keys to healthy, balanced skin. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins from your body, reducing oil production and leaving your skin looking fresh.

To make your task easier, we have come up with this chart below to help you find out what is the recommended daily intake based on your weight.

5 effective ways to achieve fresh, clean and oil-balanced skin | weirdkaya

3. Maintain a Balanced Diet

You know how our mothers always remind us not to eat certain foods that might cause breakouts, especially during our teenage years? Well, that advice is something we really need to take seriously. 

It’s time to cut back on fried foods, dairy products, and salty snacks to avoid excessive oil production on our faces.

Fruits, veggies, and whole grains are our skin’s best friends. They help balance out our hormones and keep oil production in check. So, let’s make sure to eat more fruits and veggies for clearer, healthier and oil-balanced skin.

5 effective ways to achieve fresh, clean and oil-balanced skin | weirdkaya

4. Ingredients to Avoid for Controlling Excessive Facial Oil

Did you know that not all products are skin-friendly? Well, some ingredients can mess up your skin’s balance, making it oilier and prone to breakouts.

So, before you grab that new product, check the label first. Avoid things like coconut oil, heavy moisturisers with mineral oil, pore-clogging silicones, alcohol-based toners, and synthetic fragrances. Choose products with gentler ingredients to keep your skin chill, clear, and looking fab.

5. Use Acne-Aid Liquid Cleanser Oil Control 

Cleansing our face with the right cleanser is the first and most important thing we need to do to keep our skin fresh and clear. Thus, choosing the cleanser that suits your skin most is crucial. 

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Well, we’ve found a total game-changer that will help you achieve fresh, clean, and oil-balanced skin.

Acne-Aid Liquid Cleanser Oil Control is what we’re talking about. Acne-Aid does double magic and it has 3x Action Oil Control Technology. It also helps to remove excess oil and eliminate dirt, and impurities, leaving your skin feeling fresh and purified.

And the best part? Its soap-free, pH-balanced, non-comedogenic formula cleanses gently without drying out your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Not only can you use this cleanser on your face, but it’s also suitable for your body, providing a gentle and effective cleansing experience. Talk about a win-win!

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This product is packed with all the good stuff recommended by dermatologists. Furthermore, it is also well known for its effective cleansing and long-lasting oil control results.

According to a survey, Acne-Aid Liquid Cleanser Oil Control helps to reduce acne and excessive sebum at the same time doesn’t irritate the skin, thanks to its pH-balanced formula. One user even praised how it keeps her oily skin under control all day long.

5 effective ways to achieve fresh, clean and oil-balanced skin | weirdkaya
Photo source: FB/ Acne-Aid Malaysia

Just like their tagline, “Keep Skin Clean & Fresh for more than 8 Hours” this product is a breath of fresh air for your face, leaving you feeling clean, fresh, and ready to slay for more than 8 hours* straight.

What are you waiting for? Grab your trial Acne-Aid pack now and get ready to slay the skincare game like never before.

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To be honest, I’m definitely getting my hands on this product.

Girlies, achieving fresh, clean, and long-lasting oil-control skin isn’t as tricky as you think. You’ll be on your way to the clear, fresh skin you’ve always wanted as long as you pick the right cleanser. 

You can follow Acne-Aid’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for more updates. 

Also, you can visit their website to learn more about the Acne-Aid product line for all your skin needs.

*Survey conducted by Home Tester Club from 7/2/2023 to 29/4/2023, 149 members surveyed; 9/10 users agree Acne-Aid® Liquid Cleanser Oil Control helps to keep skin clean and fresh for more than 8 hours.


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