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4yo M’sian Girl Sets 5 World Records By Naming 100 World Leaders In Under Four Minutes

Hannah Yeoh also congratulated this young prodigy.
In a world where memory prowess is often considered a rare gift, there emerges a young star who not only excels but shines brilliantly on the global stage.

Recently, four-year-old Thevissha Naidu has amazed everyone by setting not just one, but FIVE World Records. This young kid became the youngest child To Name Most of The World Leaders Name in under four minutes, a total of 100 names. WOW!

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These are the five prestigious world records earned by this remarkable Malaysian girl:

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  1. Amazing Malaysia Book of Records
  2. British World Records
  3. Asian World Record
  4. Champion World Record
  5. Official World Record Council
Hanna yeoh sitting with thevissha along with her five world record
Photo via FB/Shama Vicky

Hannah Yeoh meets the young prodigy

Thevissha’s incredible talent caught the attention of Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh, who personally invited her to her office to congratulate her.

Hannah yeoh shaking hands with thevishha naidu
Photo via FB/Shama Vicky

Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, Thevissha’s mother, Datin Samala, revealed that initially, they had approached Hannah Yeoh to attend a school event to present the awards to Thevissha. However, due to Hannah Yeoh’s tight schedule, she couldn’t make it.

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Subsequently, upon learning about Thevissha, Hannah’s representative reached out to them expressing interest in meeting the talented kid at her office. And that’s how the interaction unfolded.

Hannah yeoh carrying thevissha naidu
Photo via FB/Shama Vicky

Her feat is more than we can count on

Furthermore, Thevissha’s accomplishments extend beyond these remarkable feats. She secured a coveted spot in the National Record Entry of the Malaysia Book of Records for being the Fastest to Name All 51 Asian Countries & Territories by a Pre-schooler, accomplishing it in just 38.11 seconds.

She also clinched a place in the International Book of Records for the Fastest Recitation of All European Countries’ Names by a Kid. Moreover, she earned recognition in the prestigious Kalam World Record for being the Youngest to Recite All European Countries in an astonishing 28.06 milliseconds. And there’s still more to her story.

Thevissha sitting with all of her medals and record
Provided to WeirdKaya.

Apart from her impressive memory power, this young girl can speak and write four languages—Tamil and English, with fluency, and she’s currently learning Malay and Mandarin. How amazing is that?

Datin Samala shared with WeirdKaya that they discovered their daughter’s exceptional memory talent when she was just 3 years old.

“I used to enjoy teaching her while driving. That’s when I began introducing her to planet names, one by one. One day, I realised she could name all the planets in a single go,” Datin said, noting that this is how Thevissha’s journey in the memory realm began.

She also expressed the family’s immense pride in their daughter’s achievements.

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“We do face a lot of criticism, ups and downs, in this journey, but we choose to ignore all the negativity. Today, she stands as a source of pride for our Indian community and nation,” she told us.

Congratulations, Thevissha, on your remarkable achievement. Also, thank you for bringing pride not only to your parents but also to everyone in the nation.

Here is the full post:

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