40yo M’sian Man Celebrates Birthday By Buying Himself A Mercedes Car Worth RM1.7mil

Dreams do come true.
Everyone has their unique way of celebrating their birthday, and this Malaysian man has made his dream come true in a remarkable way.

In a grand celebration marking his 40th birthday, Huang Junjun (literal translation), a palm oil purchaser, treated himself to a luxury car delivered in a uniquely extravagant way.

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The event, held at a karaoke venue in Segamat, was highlighted by the arrival of his dream car, a Mercedes G63, encased in a transparent container.

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According to the official website, the estimated price for a Mercedes G63 starts at RM1,798,888.00.

New car in a transparent truck
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

Sin Chew Daily reported the luxury car arrived at exactly 9.45pm, accompanied by the lively performance of nine lion dancers.

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Huang, who has long aspired to own a Mercedes G63, revealed that he had dreamed about this car for nearly a decade.

He even kept the car’s brochure taped to the mirror in his room as a constant reminder of his goal.

The idea of using a transparent container for the car’s delivery came from friends in Kuala Lumpur and was suggested by his car dealer, making the moment even more special and memorable.

40yo m'sian man celebrates birthday by buying himself a mercedes car worth rm1. 7mil | weirdkaya
Photo via FB/Sin Chew Daily

The birthday celebration was meticulously planned starting in late May.

Huang’s friend from a modeling agency arranged for four models, two dancers, and a DJ to entertain the guests, adding a touch of glamour to the event. About 60 people attended the celebration.

Huang celebrating his birthday with his friends and family with his new car
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

Reflecting on his journey, Huang shared that he started his palm oil purchasing in Segamat in 2009, beginning from scratch and renting a small room.

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Today, in addition to his primary business, he also owns a chain of self-service laundromats.

His parents also made a surprise appearance at the party, adding to the emotional significance of the event.

Huang standing infront of his new car
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

Huang’s birthday celebration made a lasting impression on everyone present, showing that dreams can come true.

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