31yo M’sian Squirts Flour And Urine Mixture On SG Woman So That He Could Talk To Her

Raising a stink with the ladies.
If you’re a shy person, you’d understand how it is sometimes to muster up the courage to talk to strangers, let alone approach them. However, leaving your bodily fluids on them is DEFINITELY not the way to go.

A Malaysian man recently pleaded guilty to using criminal force on a Singaporean woman after he admitted to squirting a concoction of flour and his own urine on her as a way to ‘break the ice’ and kickstart a conversation between them.

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Bottle of urine sample
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31yo M’sian squirts flour and urine mixture on SG woman

According to the Straits Times (ST), the suspect, 31-year-old Tan Jun Hao, was tailing a 26-year-old woman while she was taking the escalator from Nicoll Highway MRT station at around 8.30pm on April 9.

He then proceeded to squirt a mixture of flour and urine he had prepared earlier in a plastic bottle on the woman’s dress as she walked along a nearby overhead bridge.

Nicoll highway mrt station
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However, Tan walked past the woman instead of stopping to initiate a chat with her.

Initially, the woman thought that her dress had been stained by bird droppings due to the stench, but later realised it wasn’t the case as the stain got bigger as she tried to wipe it off with a tissue paper.

Fined RM4,100 by court

Upon appearing in court on June 20, Tan pleaded guilty to the act and was fined S$1,200 (approx. RM4,100).

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Yap Jia Jun, he said Tan specifically targeted women who wore “dark-coloured bottoms”, where he would squirt the mixture on their clothes and inform them about it.

Yap also added that Tan did so to “create opportunities for him to talk to these ladies”.

It was also revealed that Tan had done the same previously on two other women and had even prepared red dye to add into the mixture.

However, court documents didn’t disclose how the authorities managed to track down Tan prior to his arrest.


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