25yo M’sian Become First Chinese To Complete Army’s 12-Week Commando Training

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Second Lieutenant Chan Ming Youn from the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Ranger Regiment (2 RRD) has notably become the only Chinese student to complete and pass the demanding 12-week commando training course.

The 25-year-old officer was one of the nine officers and 60 other ranks awarded the coveted green berets and commando knives at a parade marking the completion of their training at Bertutu Laut Beach, Sungai Udang, Melaka, this past Sunday, April 28.

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Wearing the commandor hat
Video via FB/Berita Tentera Darat Malaysia

Learn from 515 Territorial Army

The ceremony was a significant moment not just for the graduates but also for the Malaysian Army, as highlighted in a post on the Malaysian Army News Facebook page.

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Chan, a former member of the 515 Territorial Army, expressed his motivations and aspirations.

“I didn’t even know anything about commandos when I started serving in the 515 Territorial Army, but that initial step introduced me to the military scene,” Chan shared.

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“My goal is to continue serving, specialize further, and hope to become a quality commando,” he added.

Chan ming youn
Video via FB/Berita Tentera Darat Malaysia

“Keep the dignity of this green beret”

The event was graced by the presence of Commander of the Special Operations Group (21 GGK) Mej Gen Adi Ridzwan Abdullah.

Adi took the opportunity to remind the new commandos of the responsibilities that come with wearing the green beret, a symbol of professionalism and competence.

“Keep the dignity of this green beret from being tarnished with useless actions because it will later cost all the sacrifices of all those who have worked hard to get it,” he advised.

He further warned against misconduct, emphasizing the gravity of their roles as “Special Forces Operators”.

“It is very unfortunate if the green beret that is worn has to be stripped in a heinous manner due to misconduct such as disobeying instructions or committing acts contrary to service rules,” he cautioned.

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