21yo M’sian Buys A House With RM500K Savings By Hanging Out Less

Do you earn to spend or earn to save?
Buying a house is something everyone dreams of having but not all are capable of fulfilling, especially given the current economic downturn and rising living costs.

However, some are willing to make many sacrifices to ensure that the dream of owning a house comes true, as one Malaysian student shared on the social media platform Dcard.

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21yo M’sian buys a house with RM500K savings

In the post, the anonymous student wrote that he was unlike his peers, who often spent their money on fancy meals or electronic gadgets.

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“On Instagram, I noticed most of my classmates always spent all of their parents’ money on BBQ, hotpot meals, cafes, the latest iPhones, and concerts.

“As for me, I’ve been using the same phone for six years, eating mixed rice or cooking at home often, and not going for vacations. I can also not turn on the aircond for the entire year,” he shared.

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On top of that, the 21-year-old also revealed that he declined a lot of invitations to hang out with his friends in order to save money.

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Every time friends invite me out for barbecues or karaoke, I go with tears in my eyes. It’s not that I don’t have the money. I actually have RM500,000 in savings and bought a house too.

“However, I’m a frugal person who believes health and having savings are more important. Aside from the house mortgage and school fees, I don’t spend more than RM600 on food, rental, and transport,” he wrote.

Baffled by peers’ spending habits

Additionally, the students also expressed puzzlement over how his peers were so nonchalant in spending their parents’ money like water or using the wages they earned from their part-time jobs immediately instead of saving it.

Young man calculating his savings
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“I’m only 21-years-old this year. Am I the only one who has such spending habits?” he asked.

Netizens curious about OP’s ‘secret for success’

In the comment section, netizens left their thoughts about the OP’s views on his and his peers’ spending habits.

One said that as long as one worked part-time, it was their prerogative to spend it in whatever manner they liked.

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21yo m'sian buys a house with rm500k savings by hanging out less comment 1
Screenshot via Dcard

Meanwhile, some were astonished by the OP’s ability to have RM500,000 in savings and asked how he did it, to which the latter revealed that he saves 90% of his earnings and avoids spending money at Starbucks or Haidilao.

21yo m'sian buys a house with rm500k savings by hanging out less comment 2
Screenshot via Dcard

What is your take on this issue? Share with us in the comments!


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