2014 Photo Of Lee Hsien Loong Queuing Up For Fried Chicken Wing Resurfaces Online

An attitude we should learn from.
As Lee Hsien Loong stepped down as Prime Minister, people are reminiscing about a moment years ago, when Lee was photographed queuing for 45 minutes to buy famous chicken wings at a local hawker stall.

This scene took place in 2014 when Lee was caught patiently waiting in line for his turn at the stall renowned for its delectable fried chicken wings and stir-fried rice noodles.

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The photograph of Lee highlighted his down-to-earth persona and approachable leadership style.

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Lee hsien loong queuing up for fried chicken wing
Image via The Smart Local

Refuse to cut the queue

The stall, known as “Redhill Yan Fried Chicken Wings” is located at at Redhill Lane’s Block 85 Food Centre in Singapore.

The stall owner has had the honour of serving the Prime Minister not just on this occasion but twice, with Lee showing the same humility each time.

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According to him, he queued patiently for 45mins for the first time and 30mins for the second time.

Refused to cut the queue

The stall owner shared that despite his high office, Lee insisted on queuing.

“When he first came in 2014, we told him he didn’t need to queue and could just tell us what he wanted. But he refused, insisting on being treated like everyone else.

Even when other customers tried to give up their spot, he wouldn’t accept it,” the vendor said.

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