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[VIDEO] 2 Men Caught Sharing A Kiss on Live TV at the Beijing Winter Olympics

Public display of affection made them viral.

CHINA – A video of 2 men kissing on live news went viral on Weibo.

CNA news reporter, Low Min Min, was reporting on the Beijing Winter Olympics at a watch party attended by Beijing locals when this provocative kiss was captured. 

The two men were first caught on camera behind the reporter having drinks. The Caucasian turned behind, spotted the reporter, and tapped the Asian man beside him.

The Asian man glanced over to the reporter immediately and both walked away with mischievous looks.

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2 men caught kissing on cna
Screengrab via TikTok @starrrie7777

Seconds later, both entered the camera vision again sharing an intense smooch, totally dismissing the fact that the reporter was right in front of them.

They also earned a couple of stares from the customers at the pub.

2 men caught kissing on cna
Screengrab via TikTok @starrrie7777

Clearly, it wasn’t “accidental” as the Asian man whipped around and smirked at the camera directly after their smooch ended. 

2 men caught kissing on cna
Screengrab via TikTok @starrrie7777

Their audacity was rewarded by the amount of views it garnered on Weibo and TikTok, which has exceeded 480,000 and 781,000 respectively.

Going down in history as LGBTQ+ legends

TikTok netizens are all for this brave act and took to the comment section to express their support.

One, however, was more concerned for the safety of these two as LGBTQ+ awareness in China is not yet widespread.

2 men caught kissing on cna

This bold display was definitely one to make the books.