1st Apple Store In M’sia Set To Launch On June 22 At The Exchange TRX

Apple fans, are you ready?
The first Apple Store in Malaysia is set to open on 22 June at The TRX Exchange Mall!

According to an announcement on Apple’s official website, the launch will take place at 10 AM on Level 1 of TRX.

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Apple announcement
Image via Apple.com
Apple store trx
Image via XHS/Bosco

Not just a retail space

According to SoyaCincau, an Apple Store serves not only as a retail space but also as a center for customers to learn and optimize their use of Apple products and services.

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Upon entering, customers would experience a seamless, digital-first environment designed to cater to individual needs.

The Apple Store will also feature a space called Today at Apple, essentially a town hall area open to everyone, including non-Apple users. Here, Apple organizes various workshops and classes, ranging from creating emojis to iPhone photography sessions.

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Today at apple
Image via SoyaCincau

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