18yo M’sian Woman Tries Riding Friend’s Motorcycle, Killed After Crashing Into 4 Trees 


A devastating motorcycle accident claimed the life of an 18-year-old woman late last night (Feb 27) on the coastal road section of Miri, Sarawak.

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The young rider, holding a valid motorcycle driving license, was reportedly trying out a friend’s motorcycle when the accident occurred.

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18yo m'sian woman tries riding friend's motorcycle, killed after crashing into 4 trees  | weirdkaya

Miri’s Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Alexson Naga Anak Chabu stated that the incident took place around 12.58 am yesterday (Feb 27).

Preliminary investigations suggest that the motorcycle was travelling from Tanjung Lubang towards Coco Cabana before making a U-turn to head back in the direction from which it came.

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It was during this manoeuvre that the rider is suspected to have lost control, leading to the fatal accident.

According to China Press, the Yamaha R25 motorcycle belongs to the victim’s friend.

The motorcycle surged onto a central safety island, striking four large trees before the rider was thrown off and fell to the ground, suffering fatal head injuries.

Emergency medical personnel who arrived at the scene confirmed the victim’s severe injuries were fatal, marking a sombre moment for those who witnessed the aftermath.

Eyewitness accounts and police findings indicate that the motorcycle and its rider were found over 10 meters apart, with debris, broken branches, and leaves scattered around the crash site.

The impact was so severe that it caused noticeable abrasions on the trunks of four large trees by the road, highlighting the force of the collision.

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The police have cited Section 41(1) of the 1987 Road Traffic Act in their investigation, signalling a comprehensive approach to understanding the dynamics of the crash.

The victim’s body has been sent to the hospital for an autopsy, a standard procedure in traffic fatalities, to examine further the causes and factors involved.

The loss of the young woman in such tragic circumstances has prompted calls for increased road safety awareness and measures, especially among young riders.

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The local community and authorities are now faced with the task of addressing safety concerns to prevent future incidents of this nature.

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