18yo M’sian Teen Drowns While Swimming With Friends At Waterfall In Perak

His body was later found by a group of Orang Asli.
With the rainy season now currently taking place across Malaysia, many have been advised to avoid places were water surges may occur and lead to drowning.

What was supposed to be a splashing fun outing among four friends quickly turned into a tragedy after one of them drowned while swimming at a waterfall.

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18yo m'sian teen drowns while swimming with friends at waterfall in perak
Photo via Harian Metro

18yo M’sian teen drowns while swimming with friends

Harian Metro reported that the incident took place at the Kampung Sungai Tonggang waterfall in Ulu Kinta, Tambun yesterday (July 9).

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Tambun Fire and Rescue Station Operations Commander said the victim was 18-year-old U K Santosh, who drowned while swimming with three other friends at the waterfall.

He added the body was later discovered by the Orang Asli living near the area, where the village head made a distress call at around 5pm.

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18yo m'sian teen drowns while swimming with friends at waterfall in perak
Photo via Berita Harian

Medical personnel later confirmed the victim’s passing and the body was handed over to police for further action.

Areas to avoid during rainy season

To avoid similar tragedies from happening, here are the the top 4 places to avoid during rainy weather:

  • Waterfalls
    Waterfalls are prime locations for water surges to occur as massive amounts of leaves and deadwood are swept away by rains and flows downwards, where it can lead to injury or death.
  • Rivers
    Rivers are often prone to swelling and many are advised to refrain from swimming in rivers during the rainy season as it can be a breeding ground for waterborne diseases, toxic waste and vicious reptiles.
  • Hiking/jungle trekking
    We all would love to sweat it out by scaling mountains, but it can be a risky activity as the hiking route is left slippery after rain and it can lead to injuries if care isn’t given.
  • Beaches
    While swimming in the sea is a form of relaxation for some, stormy weather can cause the currents to become more turbulent than usual, increasing the risk of one being swept away by the current.


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