17yo China Player Collapses And Dies During Badminton Match

The tragedy took place during his match against Japan's Kazuma Kawano.
Spectators of a live badminton match were left reeling with shock after one of the players suddenly slumped to the ground and died not too long after.

According to NST’s Timesport, the incident took place during the Asian Junior Badminton Mixed Team Championships in Yogyakarta, Indonesia yesterday (June 30).

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17yo China player collapses and dies during badminton match

As reported by the English daily, the player was China’s Zhang Zhijie, a 17-year-old upcoming badminton star who was up against Japan’s Kazuma Kawano.

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During the third match, Zhang suddenly collapsed to the ground and lay there convulsing while the medical team rushed to administer first-aid on him.

Although Zhang was admitted to the hospital and was given intensive care treatment, he unfortunately didn’t survive and passed away at 11.20pm (Indonesian time).

Zhang zhijie collapses at badminton court
Photo via NST

Zhang’s untimely death was later confirmed in a statement released by Badminton Asia and the Badminton Association of Indonesia.

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In the statement, they wrote that Zhang was playing a group stage match against Japan when he collapsed and was attended to by the tournament doctor and medical team before he died at the hospital.

“Badminton Asia, PBSI, and the organising committee are immensely saddened and expressed their deepest condolences to Zhang’s parents, family and Chinese Badminton Association.

“The world of badminton has lost a talented player,” it wrote.

The Asian Junior Badminton Mixed Team Championships is currently ongoing and will end on July 7.


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