“Near Impossible”- M’sian Teacher Spends 1 Hour Explaining Year 3 Math Question To Students, Only 4 Managed To Understand It

An 18-year veteran teacher raises concerns about Math syllabus difficulty for primary school students.

In a recent outcry from a seasoned primary school teacher in Malaysia, the complexity of the Year 3 mathematics syllabus is being called into question.

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The teacher’s Facebook post showcased the math problems.

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The first question involved determining the difference in numbers of visitors over three days to a fruit party. The second problem engaged students to calculate the quantity of pearls in a box, using given clues.

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Only 4 out of 38 students grasp the math question taught

After an arduous one-hour explanation of a particular problem, a mere 4 out of 38 students were able to tackle it independently.

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The rest? They were left staring blankly, perplexed by the complexity of the problem at hand.

The teacher, whose post on Facebook has quickly gained traction, openly challenges the creators of the syllabus to step into the classroom.

He wanted to witness how these individuals explain such complex concepts, making them comprehensible for a class of of 38 to 45 students with varied learning capabilities.

Syllabus on par with developed countries

The 18-year teacher also claimed that Malaysia’s curriculum and syllabus were excellent and on par with advanced countries. Yet, he pointed out that these comparisons often neglect crucial elements: the student population, time spent studying mathematics, and school facilities.

He’s not just all about pointing out problems though. He also threw in a few suggestions to remedy the situation:

  1. Cap class size at 20-25 students.
  2. Double the math lessons per week.
  3. Improve school facilities for better learning.

This experienced educator’s plea is a timely call for the Malaysian Ministry of Education to give serious attention to the issues highlighted.

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The post stirred hot debate online.

One teacher in particular highlighted that comparing other aspects, not just the syllabus, is crucial. When stepping in during Math class, they often found themselves needing to think multiple times before explaining a concept to students. It wasn’t about doubting their teaching prowess, rather it was the fear of inadvertently imparting incorrect knowledge.

Some parents even shared that their children had started disliking maths as they found it too challenging.

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Other parents pointed out that maths was just one subject, and assisting children with homework across all subjects at home was a headache.

You may read the full post here:

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