‘We will be the best team’ Lee Zii Jia’s bold claim after M’sia’s victory over England at the Sudirman Cup

One down, more to go!

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia won their first matchup against England 3-2 in the Sudirman Cup group stage yesterday (September 27), with men’s single Lee Zii Jia, mixed doubles Hoo Pang Ron-Cheah Yee See, and men’s doubles Aaron Chia-Soh Wooi Yik bagging the 3 crucial wins.

With an average age of 22, Malaysia is one of the Sudirman Cup’s youngest teams.

The oldest member in the Malaysian team is women’s single Cheah Yee See, 26.

Lee Zii Jia: We will be the best

Lee zii jia sudirman cup blue jersey
Lee Zii Jia secured a 2-0 lead against England (Image via Olympic)

After winning against England’s Johnnie Torjussen, the Malaysian team captain spoke about the future of the Malaysia team.

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Our team is still young, but in 4 to 6 years, we will be the best.”

Lee also expressed that as one of the more experienced players, he and the men’s doubles Aaron Chia-Soh Wooi Yik should carry the responsibility of leading the team.

“As the captain, it is important to instil confidence for our members.”

Aaron Chia: We have to keep our morale

Aaron chia-soh wooi yik olympic men's double bronze medalist sudirman cup olympic men's double bronze medalist sudirman cup
Bronze Medalist Aaron Chia-Soh Wooi Yik locked in the win (Image via News Strait Time)

Additionally, after winning two hard-fought matches against England’s Ben Lane-Sean Vendy, Aaron Chia shared his thoughts.

Because we are all around the same age, our team have excellent chemistry.”

Though Aaron has only competed in Sudirman Cup twice, he believes that they must be dependable in order to boost the confidence of the younger players.

“I think we are heading in the right direction, and Sudirman Cup is the perfect chance for the team.”

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“Once our team matured, we would be formidable.”

Other comments

Hoo pang ron-cheah yee see malaysia mixed doubles
Mixed double Hoo Pang Ron-Cheah won against the odd (Image via The Star)

Ranked world No. 27, Malaysia Mixed double Hoo Pang Ron-Cheah Yee See were arguably the biggest heroes, defeating world No. 7 Marcus Ellis-Lauren Smith 21-19, 21-18.

We are under immense pressure, we’re also very excited and crave for more victories,” said Hoo Pang Ron.

Badminton legend Datuk Lee Chong Wei also commented on the current team during an interview by Bernama, putting high hopes on Zii Jia.

Lee chong wei has high hopes for lee zii jia, sudirman cup
Lee Zii Jia believe Lee Zii Jia will lead the team (Image via Bernama)

There’s no doubt that Zii Jia will shoulder a big responsibility to encourage the young shuttlers to perform better in court. I am pretty excited to see how he will handle all his teammates in the Sudirman Cup 2021,”

Sudirman Cup 2021

Malaysia has won their first match against England, seating comfortably with one win in Group D.

Next, Malaysia will be facing Japan on September 30.

All the team needs is one win to advance from the group stage.

Let’s cheer on our team in the upcoming matches!

Update: Malaysia has secured their quarter-final seats after defeating Egpyt 5-0, while England lost against Japan 5-0 as well.

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