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UniPin Ladies Championship Set to Empower Malaysian Female Gamers Through Esports Competition

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 8, 2021 – As the first female-only MLBB tournament with a qualifier in Southeast Asia, the UniPin Ladies Championship is coming to Malaysia to empower the female gamers in the country through the esports competitive scene.

A total of 20 all-female esports teams from malaysia and singapore will compete in the unipin ladies championship malaysia qualifier from 8th-10th october 2021.
A total of 20 all-female esports teams from Malaysia and Singapore will compete in the UniPin Ladies Championship Malaysia Qualifier from 8th-10th October 2021.

UniPin as the leading digital entertainment enabler from Indonesia has been supporting the rise of female gamers in the SEA region by hosting several successful female-only tournaments in various Southeast Asian countries. UniPin also facilitates gamers in various countries for easier top-up access and a better gaming experience as a whole.

Up to 20 teams will compete for a total prize of MYR 2.000 in the UniPin Ladies Championship Malaysia, where participating teams will be assigned randomly to their respective brackets to promote fairness. The whole tournament will take place from 8 to 10 October 2021.

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Some big names to expect in this tournament are Suhaz Ariel and Red Roses from Malaysia, and Please Sponsor Us from Singapore. To increase the excitement, the whole tournament will be broadcasted by Noor Farizah (Fariza) and Nur Zarifah (Fyra Zaidi), while several influencers are also collaborating to generate more hype.

Debora Imanuella, SVP of Community from UniPin states the importance of this event in establishing a foundation for the future female gamers in the competitive esports scene.

“Through the UniPin Ladies Championship, we aim to empower women by providing a safe platform for them to grow their confidence through competition. This is the perfect place to show that gamer girls have the necessary skills to compete as well as the boys,” add Debora.

Meanwhile, another female-only MLBB qualifier for the UniPin Ladies Championship in the Philippines is also about to take place. All matches of the UniPin Ladies Championship can be viewed via the UniPin Gaming YouTube account. More details and information can be accessed on or social media account @unipinladiesseries.

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