They tried cheating with Bluetooth flip flops, but got ‘flopped’ by police instead

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NEW DELHI – Ten students have been arrested for trying to cheat in the Rajasthan Eligibility Exam for Teachers (REET) by concealing Bluetooth devices inside their flip-flops.

REET is a fiercely competitive exam conducted by the Board of Secondary Education. This year, 1.6 million students will fight for a spot in 31,000 government school posts.

Unfortunately, widespread cheating is bound to happen one way or another in stiff competition.

The exam centre in jaipur, sunday of students waiting to that reet exam.
At an exam centre in Jaipur, Sunday. Indian Express

As a result, the state government has taken extraordinary measures to address the problem. For example, they have shut down mobile internet access in the exam centres districts.

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However, this has done little to discourage compulsive cheaters, who have found an ally in technology.

Introducing…Bluetooth flip flops!

One particular group ingeniously planted Bluetooth devices inside the soles of their flip-flops. The device could receive normal phone calls transmitted to tiny receivers hidden in their ears.

Students were caught trying to cheat. Bluetooth devices were found in the soles of their flip-flops and ear pieces hidden in their ear.
Bluetooth device hidden in flip-flops to receive calls to hidden ear pieces, NST

With these calls, the cheater’s accomplice will help dictate the correct answers outside exam halls.

Furthermore, these ingenious flip flops comes with a matching price tag.

Investigations revealed that 25 students had paid a gang 600,000 rupees (RM33,981) per pair!

Too smart to catch?

Police official Priti Chandra admitted that offenders are getting smarter in their attempts to game the exam system using technology.

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“We were aware of the possibility of cheating but we thought it would be a question paper leak or someone would use the internet, which is why it was restricted in many cities.

But this was a totally new modus operandi. (They) are getting so tech savvy,” he said.

Do you think government should invest in lectures about ethics or security measures to prevent rife cheating?

Let us know what you think!

Cover Images via ANI

Author: Anna Wong
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh