Students receive an unexpected visitor in the form of a tiger on the first day of school

When animals take their zodiac roles a bit too seriously.

GUA MUSANG – After months of online classes, students are now gradually returning back to physical classes, much to the relief of parents and students alike.

However, for students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Balar Gua Musang, it turned into an eventful first day after they spotted a large and ferocious “visitor” within the school grounds.

According to Kosmo!, a large Malayan tiger was spotted lazing around near the fence at the premises this afternoon.

Following the incident, the Malaysian Animal Association posted a statement on Facebook, saying that the Malayan tiger’s emergence was most likely due to the “total” destruction of its natural habitat.

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No wild animal would appear during daytime unless it is threatened, famished, or has lost its source of food and habitat.

“This proves that our country is experiencing a serious environmental problem to the point where wild animals are forced to leave their homes,” the statement read.

It also called “drastic” actions to be taken in order to protect the country’s forests and wildlife.

Cover images via FB/ @malaysiaanimalassociation

Editor: Sarah Yeoh