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Olympian auctions her medal to raise funds for 8-month-old’s surgery

Poland’s Maria Magdalena Andrejczyk, who won a silver medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, recently auctioned her medal for a noble cause.

In a Facebook post, Maria said that all proceeds would be donated to fund 8-month-old Miloszek Malysa’s heart surgery.

According to the fundraiser’s page, the child is currently under home hospice and is in need of an operation in the United States.

Maria also shared that she was working closely with the infant’s mother to raise money for the surgery.

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As of Friday (Aug 20), 1,505,278 Polish Zloty (RM1.62mil) has been raised.

An unlikely winner – ŻABKA

According to NPR, ŻABKA, a Polish convenience store placed a bid of over US$125,000 for the silver medal.

However, shortly after the winner announcement, the convenience store surprised everyone by revealing that they would let Maria keep the medal.

We were moved by the beautiful and extremely noble gesture of our Olympian. We also decided that the silver medal from Tokyo will remain with Ms. Maria,” it said in a Facebook post.

The 25-year-old athlete won second place during the women’s javelin throw final in Tokyo.

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Author: Raymond Chen
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