Excluding Lee Zii Jia, BAM head coach is ready to try out different line-ups in Thomas Cup

Let's go, Malaysia!

The Thomas Cup 2021 will kick off this Saturday (October 9). However, Malaysia is set to play on October 12 against Canada as the English team pulled out.

While preparing for the forthcoming match, Wong Choong Hann, head coach of Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) shared his insight on the line-up.

“Lee Zii Jia will play as our regular. We would also like to give other potential players a chance to participate in the men’s single.”

Lee zii jia malaysia men single
Lee Zii Jia has been performing very well in the Sudirman Cup (Image via BWF)

This year, a total of 5 athletes are taking part in the Thomas Cup men’s single-player event.

As for the group stages, Wong has expressed interest in allowing Cheam June Wei and Ng Tze Yong (ranked 70th and 80th globally) to compete in the match against Japan

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Cheam june wei men single malaysia world ranking 70
Cheam June Wei, World Ranking 70.; (Image via Badminton Planet)
Ng tze yong malaysia men's single world ranking 82
Ng Tze Yong, world ranking 82. (Image via The Star)

Furthermore, Leong Jun Hao and Aidil Sholeh, with world ranking 121 and 122 respectively, might get a chance to participate, depending on their performance.

“It is necessary for everyone to be prepared. They’ve all put forth a lot of effort to be chosen.” Wong explained.

Leong jun hao malaysian mensingle world ranking 121
Leong Jun Hao, World ranking 121 (Image via The Star)
Aidil sholeh ali sadikin malaysia men single world ranking 122
Aidil Sholeh Ali Sadikin, World ranking 122 (Image via The Star)

Thomas Cup 2nd Men’s Single

Despite holding the second-highest global ranking, June Wei has not been in top form. There has been speculations that the second men’s single spot might be substituted by Tze Yong.

In a recent ranking match among the Malaysia team, June Wei only ranked no.4, below all three players mentioned above, just enough to claim the last spot for Thomas Cup.

In the recent match among the Malaysian athletes, June Wei came in last at No.4, securing the final spot for the upcoming game.

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Cheam june wei men single malaysia world ranking 70
Cheam June Wei is not in his best form recently. (Image via NST)

That being said, June Wei excelled in the Thomas Cup 2021 qualifiers last year, defeating players from Korea, Japan, and Indonesia.

“Nothing is fixed right now. We have to consider various different factors before making a decision.” Wong said.

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